Robert started a career in Graphic Design in 1992, attending College to learn about the printing and graphics business.

While at College, he was given a 6 months Black and White photography assignment. The College supplied him with a Pentax SLR and 50mm f1.8. Robert was shown how to use it, how to shoot with film and how to develop his own black and white prints. It was during these six months that his ongoing love of photography grew.

With the birth of his daughter approaching in 2003, Robert bought a Digital SLR camera so he could capture every moment. He discovered a passion for photographing people and started to move away from design in order to focus on his photography skills.

As a designer Robert had a keen eye for detail and this has transferred to his photography: “I find being able to see things before taking a photograph helps me to take pictures that stand out from the rest.”

With many years of design background, Robert finds it easy to visualise a photo that is needed for a printed product, taking into account the need for ‘dead’ space for a headline, caption or descriptive text.

Robert’s time as a Graphics Designer allowed him to master Adobe® Photoshop® and he knows all the tricks of the trade. Professional photographers from all over the world continue to use his problem-solving skills on their own work. Visit the Retouching page of the Portfolio to see his skill in practice. Robert is a passionate music fan and you can sometimes find him at Mr Kyps Live Music Venue and other music venues in the Dorset area practicing his low light photography skills during a gig. He is also a staff photographer for Rock Regeneration, an online music reviews site.

When Robert’s children started dancing ISTD Ballroom and Latin, he never imagined they would continue up to a competitive level. When he saw the standard of other photographers work at these competitions he decided he could do far better and took his own camera with him. This has led to him photographing dance pupils from schools across the UK.