Well 11:30PM I received a call from an amateur photographer friend of mine, we’ve been out and shot at the same gigs a couple of times. I helped him a couple of weeks ago with a photo shoot with is girl friend for her folio (music stuff).

Anyway he’s been 2nd shooting for that photographer I turned down.. Last week he was given his first solo gig, the ‘pro’ couldn’t make the wedding because he had a family function that he was attending. So lent his gear to my friend. But tonight he called him up saying that he’d just sacked the tog for tomorrows wedding and that he was doing it. Well armed with only a mid range Nikon with 1 battery and 1 wide fast zoom, you can imagine his reaction..

So I said that I’d help him out tomorrow, I can’t believe the gall of this ‘pro’, its not one of his cheaper packages either!

Oh well, I’ve just checked my gear, synced my cameras so they’re both running on the same time and put the spare batts on charge.

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