I was recently asked by another Photographer if I’d edit their Wedding Photos as they just didn’t have the time and had fallen behind with everything..

They asked me if I’d try and match the other company, its a tough business with the strong pound at the moment, but I think I can just about pull it off..

So for up to 3,000 culled to around 800-1,000, colour and exposure corrected its just £200.00
For upto 1,000 pre-selected colour and exposure corrected its £185.00
With upto 2,000 culled to around 6-800, colour corrected its £185.00
800 pre-selected colour and exposure corrected its £160.00they’d fallen behind in the Post Processing, so I now have the task of editing 5 of their past weddings so they can catch up.

They decided to use me instead of a company out in the states because communication is easier, and they know that by using me they’ll get a more polished product than going with a company who throws 1,000’s of images out the door every day without really thinking of the customer. The company in question has also had some bad reviews from other photographers who say that the stuff they get back hasn’t been corrected 100% and they’ve had to edit those photographs themselves after receiving them back..

I think the turn round time per set of photographs also put them off, 10 days for a set..

Hadn’t really thought about more than 3,000 images as that’s a hell of a lot of shooting and anyone shooting that many images will probably have their own in-studio Photoshopper..

So anyway I received a 250GB Western Digital Pasport Drive packed full of images (142GB worth) on Sat morning and started work yesterday, I managed to edit one whole wedding and cull another in one full day, I’m sure if I didn’t pay as much attention to details I could probably pump out more in a day, but that’s not what I want to be about, I want to give a quality product for the money..

I’m actually thinking of getting a couple of Passport Drives that with a deposit, I’ll ship out the drive to photographers and they can put their images on those drives instead of having to purchase their own. I’ve seen them on my Favourite online store Scan for £97.51 for a 250GB toughdrive (can withstand a 2 meter drop!) and I can customise it with my logo – how cool is that!