Last Monday I was wrestling for a good hour with Will, but he didn’t want to co-operate with my intentions of taking some nice photographs for his Grandmother. She had booked a session with Libby and Will for me to capture some fantastic photographs as a present for her daughter and son in-law’s Wedding Anniversary.

Libby was very shy to begin with, but after talking about stuff for 5 minutes with her, she soon lightened up and was a willing subject. But Will on the other hand (who called me Man throughout the session, very cute) was very happy in front of the camera, but just didnt do what I asked of him (he is after all only 18 months), but I still managed to capture some magical shots of the both.

Grandma had a hard time selecting the 4 9x6in prints that are given with the Summer Offer, but here they are..

Robert Whetton, Dorset Photographer
She also selected another for herself.