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Right so lets look at all the stuff we need
Sharp Blade and Ruler

Double Sided Sticky Tape

Ok so this is roughly what your foamcore will look like once you’ve measured and cut everything out (ive made a scale mock up so i have enough material left for something special)

Next grab the Art Paper and cut two sections out to a measurement of 22cm | 220mm | 7.87in by 25cm | 250mm | 9.84in. Once you have these cut out, fold them in half along the 25cm | 250mm | 9.84in side.
Taking the double sided sticky tape, note that it has an easy peel area, so we want this on the inside of the Art Paper.

Carefully place the tape along the edges of each of the Art Paper sheets.

Once you’ve done that they should look like this.

Once you have done this, the Velcro® needs to be cut into strips approx. 12.5cm | 125mm | 4.9in long, you’ll need 5 pairs all together

Stick 3 of these sets along the top edge of your screen, and 1 set along the side roughly so the top of the strip is 1/3 the way up from the bottom. (leave the tops of the Velcro® for now)
Then take your Art Paper sections and peel away 1 half of the tape and attach it to the top section so that the half way point is flush with the side of it. Once you have done both sides of the top, attach each of the sides. When you are happy with the hood, peel away each of the Velcro® strip adhesive covers and carefully place your hood onto the screen.
And you’re finished 😀

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