I was recently asked by a fellow photographer if i knew of a way to sharpen each layer in a PSD file for a Queensberry album. After racking my knowledge of Photoshop for several seconds i came up with this solution for him. It’s not a 100% complete solution but should save some time by automating the process for each PSD.

#1 start with one of the PSD files

# 2 Make a new folder for your action (this will allow you to save it off when its finished)

# 3 Make a new action (i’ve called it Multi Layer Sharpen, but you can call it what you like

#4 With the action recording, hold Alt/Option and hit the ] key, this will select the layer above (note it does this without selecting a named layer)

#5 use your sharpening method (in this case USM)And stop recording – you can now select both parts of the action and duplicate them as many times as you need
So if you have the need for the action to run 4 times, dupe it 3 times if you need it to run 6 times, dupe it 5 more times etc. You can dupe the whole action and rename it so that each time you have a page and you have say 8 photos on that page, you can run your 8 x layer action to sharpen each of those layers..
(i’m not a JS script wizard so i don’t know a way to do this so it detects how many layers you have and runs it that many times..)