Ok, first, sorry for not updating my blog more often, a new resolution for me this year is to give the blog a little TLC..

So my rant? well I downloaded Picasa 3 a free photo / image utility from Google. Low and behold as it was updating from my hard drive, an image that I’ve seen on a local Photographers website came up I thought it might have been in my Web Cache, but oh no! it was in my Office 2003 Clipart, so this guy is touting Microsoft Clipart as his own work!! mind you the way he operates I shouldn’t really be surprised..

Have a look and see if you can find it if you have Office 2003 installed.. J0386120.JPG under Microsoft Office/CLIPART/PUB60COR..

Now see if you can find the felon on the interwebs đŸ˜‰