So this morning i woke after just 3 hours rest with extreme pain in my left elbow.. About 3 weeks ago I decided that the moisturising cream I was using wasn’t working fast enough for my ever worsening dry elbow. So what did i do? yup i took a fresh 10A bladed scalpel and cut the hardened skin off.. i shaved a little too much off of one section, but wasn’t too fussed at the time..

Then about a week ago I started feeling under the weather, its that time of year for the new colds etc, so didn’t think too much of it.. then a couple of days ago the headache hit.. I get the odd headache now and then and they go, but this one has decided it wanted to stay.. and then my elbow started aching, not so much that i noticed it all the time.

Today the pain in my elbow was so intense I thought I was going to pass out! looking at it in the mirror I could see that a blackend lump had appeared, so thought that it was a pressure build up of blood? so out came another fresh 10A blade, and i tried to releave the pressure.. oh what was I thinking?!! please don’t anyone else do this!! not a great move.. so not being able to stand this any more, I made an appointment with my doctor.

She wanted to tell me how fricken stupid I was, but her professional conduct prevented her from saying so.. Apparently had I been living in a lesser country, I would be looking at possible death.. luckily for me I have to take a double dose of antibiotics 4 times a day, and if its gets worse, head for the local A&E for an Intravenous of antibiotics..

So it doesn’t look like I’m going to be picking up a camera for a while..