Back at the end of Oct ’08 I attended the dress rehearsal of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas a production by Richard Batt of Fladermouse Productions. I was invited by one of the actresses who wasn’t impressed by the initial photography they had done.

So I went and figured if I got a few sales from it then that would cover my time spent there. It was a great show and I came away with a high rate of keepers due to the great acting and lighting of the show.

Before Christmas I got a few orders from some of the crew, including a 40×20 inch poster from the choreographer Hattie. So taking the photographs she had picked, I produced this poster.

Poster for Hattie. Photography by Robert Whetton

I delivered it to her on Sat, and she is so impressed with it, she wants to order the smaller 20×10 inch poster for her mother.

I have also received a request for another Wedding Album that I produced for a couple I shot back in 2007!

2009 is begining to turn into a pretty decent year..