Well, Friday saw some great weather, unlike the forecast of Rain!

It was all set to kick off at 16:00 but David and Linda were planning on arriving early and just spending a little time by themselves at the Grasmere House Hotel in Salisbury, which when we looked up the location on the web showed that the from the gardens Salisbury Cathedral could be seen!

As David and Linda were arriving at 14:00 we arrived a little earlier than this to have some time to view the grounds and get some ideas on how to shoot the groups.

They arrived in David’s vintage Jag which looked like it had been given a good spit and shine..

The back shelf was home to a wonderful bouquet of flowers

The wedding present from the grandchildren was a Bear from the Build-a-Bear Shop, dressed up for the occaision

After a quick shot of the couple outside the entrance to the hotel we left them to relax.

With over 2 hours till the main event we set about gathering shots of the Tables, Flowers and other detail shots.

We couldn’t believe the view from the patio was just stunning and with the weather just holding off from a down poor the clouds help set the Cathedral Steeple from the sky

The Grooms father even made it down from the midlands for this special event.

And he was also an avid photographer.

Rings were simple but elegant.

Anyway I’m rambling on, I’ll let you look at the rest of the photos